All of the questions in Exampro are mapped to a curricular structure.

This structure can be explored easily to find a question quickly. Click on Start your search to begin.

Move through the tabs in the search box. Select one or more of the listed terms to refine the range of relevant questions.

Some categories are grouped under main headings; click or double-click the folders to view their contents.

The more selections that you make, the more precise the question range will become.

Only questions that are relevant to your search selection will appear in the Questions panel. Use these results to create your own assessments.

You can also type keywords into the Quick Index Search to filter for questions containing or related to specific terms. 

A list of the current search filters is shown under the title of the Questions pane.

Reset the search by clicking on Reset Search.

Click the video icon  to watch a short tutorial about searching in Exampro.