Adding and removing questions

Drag and drop questions from the Questions panel to the New Document panel.

The number of questions, available marks and the time allowed for the test are shown at the bottom of New Document panel.

To select a set of questions, press and hold the Shift key (using the keyboard) when you click on the first and last questions in a group.

A plus icon  will appear at the bottom of the Questions panel. Click the plus icon  and the questions will appear in New Document 1.

You can also drag and drop questions into a different order or delete them by clicking the dustbin icon .

Creating multiple documents

To create a new document click the create a new, blank document icon.

You can have multiple documents open and available at the top of the screen simultaneously but you must save each one in order to name it.

Drag and drop questions between documents; they cannot be duplicated within documents or copied between documents.

Questions Information

Each question has important information:

Thumbnail: Screenshot of the question.
Question ID: Question ID Code
Marks: The number of marks the question is worth
Mark Scheme: (If applicable)
Examiner's Report: (If applicable)
Notes: (If applicable)
Resource: (If applicable)