Save a document

Click on the Document setting icon

This will open a dialogue box. In order to save your document, you must enter a Document Name. You can also enter an Author name, if you wish.

Then click Save to save to the online library.

Save a copy will create a copy of your document, which is useful if you wish to leave the original unaltered.

A tick in a green circle will be displayed if the document has been saved successfully.

Export a document

In order to export your document, click on the Document setting icon

Export to PDF to save and/or print a print-optimised version.
Export to Word to save and/or print an editable version.
Export to Drive to share with colleagues.

Choose whether to include the Question / Mark scheme / Examiner remarks / Notes / Cover page then print or save to your user area/network

Click Choose what to share to  decide whether to include the Mark scheme / Examiner remarks / Notes / Cover page / Answer lines. Then either print,  save to your user area/network or share using the URL provided (see below).

If you add a cover page you can specify Title / Subtitle / Time allowed / Total marks / Comments.

Share a document

In order to share your document, click on the Document setting icon

Once you have saved your document (see above) a web-link (URL) is provided. Students and parents can then use the Exampro viewer to to view the document without logging in.

NB: It is necessary to save the document before to create a web-link (URL)

You can switch elements on and off as needed by clicking on the Choose what to share icon.

You could create a homework assignment with only the questions visible, give the link to your pupils, then add the mark schemes at a later time for review.

To save changes click on Save changes button.

NB: The URL does not change but the shared document will update immediately.