School data (pupil and teacher information) needs to be entered into the MERiT System so that your teachers can enter marks and get reports.

We have tried to make this process as simple as possible and it requires just a few minutes of your time to get set up.

Step 1 – Download the Report Definition File

Go to

Data should be uploaded to MERiT in csv formatted spreadsheet.

You will need to run a report within SIMS to extract the required data.

Download the Report Definition File HERE and save the file to your computer (preferably the Desktop) and unzip it.

Step 2 – Extracting the data

On your SIMS system select Reports > Import

Click Open at the top right of the Import report(s) screen.


In the Select report file to import window, navigate to the desktop and select the OptionalTests.RptDef file.

Once selected click Open.

Ensure the checkbox is selected next to Doublestruck_Students Report 

And then click Import.

Once the Status has changed from pending… to Imported close the Import report(s) screen by clicking Close.

Select Reports > Run Report from the main menu bar.

In the left hand Report Browse window, expand Focus and select Student.

Find Doublestruck_Student in the list of reports. Select it and then click Run. The report will be generated for the whole school. This may take several minutes.


PLEASE NOTE: You must click on Browse to save the file to your Desktop

PLEASE NOTE: When you save your file you must remember to save it as a CSV (Comma Delimited). Type .csv at the end of your file name

When the report has been exported, a message will appear. Click OK.

Important: You should use the SIMS Data Manager account to run the Report Definition file. This account will have the correct permissions to extract the required data.

When complete with data, your spreadsheet should look as follows and should be in CSV (Comma Delimited) format.




  • You will have the option to select specific classes from the spreadsheet before you finalise the upload. This saves you the trouble of filtering out irrelevant classes when exporting data from your school management system initially.


  • Each student will be listed multiple times in the spreadsheet, once for each class they are in.



Step 3 – Uploading your data

Once you have run the report, upload your file using the 'Select and upload your file' button in the MANAGE SCHOOL DATA section of the site.

You will then be presented with a list of classes from your data set.

You can choose those you wish to use - data associated with any classes you do not select will not be stored by our system.

Use the filter list to locate specific classes.


Once you have made your selections, click 'Finalise upload'.

You will be presented with a summary of your import that shows what data has been uploaded, how many accounts have been created, as well as identifying any warnings or errors encountered.

That's it!

Column Title
Universal Pupil Number
To uniquely identify the pupil
Admission Number
A fallback to identify the pupil
Legal Forename
Pupil Name
Used in reporting
Pupil Name
Used in reporting
Middle name(s)
Pupil Name
Used in reporting
Pupil Gender
Used in reporting
Pupil Date of Birth
A fallback to identify the student
Pupil Ethnicity code
Used in reporting
Eligible for free meals
Pupil Eligibility for free meals
Used in reporting
FSM Ever 6
Identifies pupils who have been eligible for free meals in the last six years
Used in reporting
Pupil Premium Indicator
Pupil Eligibility for pupil premium funding
Used in reporting
SEN Status
Identifies pupils with special educational needs
Used in reporting
In LEA Care
Identifies looked after children
Used in reporting
Year taught in Code
Pupil year group
Used to group pupils by year group for reporting
Pupil registration group
Used to group pupils by registration group for reporting
Teacher name
Used to associate registration groups with teacher accounts
Class name/code
Used to group pupils by class for reporting
Teacher name
Used to associate classes with teacher accounts
Work Email
Teacher email
Used to deliver login credentials to teachers