When using Exampro you may come across some symbols, such as a red cross or yellow circle, or it could be a red square or blue circle, there are other combinations which you may see in the item descriptor.

These symbols denote a particular search field and can help you when filtering for particular questions.



In the above example for GCSE Maths, the yellow circle means it is a calculator question, and the red cross non-calculator. If you were using KS2 Reasoning on the other hand, those same symbols would denote Explain or Show your method, and could be found under the 'Type' tab in the search fields.


To find out what these symbols mean for your subject, you will need to click on the 'Search' button and then on the various tabs.



Not all of the symbols relate to the same search criteria across subjects. You can select these as a search filter or use them as a guide when selecting your questions for a more diversified test.